The nutritional status essay

For example, Mr T may have extended his stroke resulting in worse dysphagia and subsequently decreased oral intake. In addition to pre-existing malnutrition, hospitalized patients often develop further nutritional problems during their hospital stay.

This is a cause for concern.

Nutrition Assessment and General Survey

He attended a Tai-Chi course with his wife in nearby park every day and had balanced diets prepared by Mrs. Hospitalized elderly patients are at particular risk for malnutrition and need to be carefully assessed and aggressively treated.

A large epidemiological study found the concomitant use of vitamins C and E is associated with reduced incidences of Alzheimer disease Zandi et al For example, studies of long-term care patients such as Mr T have shown that although nutritionally supplemented patients have less risk of developing pressure ulcers High ; Houwing et al ; Dambach et The nutritional status essayvitamin supplementation has not been found to significantly accelerate the healing of pre-existing pressure ulcers Mathus-Vliegen Screening for obesity in children and adolescents: Slow food culture on stress-city menu.

Anthropometric measures of nutritional status can be compromised by other health conditions. Since protein undernutrition and low vitamin C levels are associated with poor wound healing and pressure sores, a dietician should participate in Mr T's treatment plan and consider supplementation in vitamin C, zinc, and other trace minerals, in addition to increased caloric and protein intake.

Introduction on a research paper nutritional status: Strong thesis statement maker

One advantage of the MNA is that it is applicable to a wide range of elderly patients ie, from those who are well to hospitalized elderly. Compromised nutritional status has also been linked to impaired immunity, respiratory and muscle function, and delays in wound healing Aptaker et al ; Sullivan and Walls Record all activities for each 24 hour period.

The most extensively validated tool is the Mini Nutritional Assessment MNAwhich provides an accurate assessment of elderly patients from a variety of domiciliary settings.

Nutritional supplements are recommended for at-risk elderly hip fracture patients. Has food intake declined over the past three months due to loss of appetite, digestive problems, chewing or swallowing difficulties?

Mrs A may have had poor oral intake because of her diarrheal illness, or from the side effects of antibiotics used to treat C. Another possible nutritional issue associated with diabetes is substantial proteinuria brought on by diabetic renal disease.

The health care workers should have knowledge and be conscious of nutritional issues and know the importance and relevance of these issues for the particular patient promoted the nutritional nursing assessment.

A successiveful way for performing nutritional nursing assessment in older patients. Wong are used promoting for a continuous assessment process, because it can supply the nurse with information about the effects of the interventions and how the nutritional status of Mr. These involve keeping records of foods consumed over the period of time of interest.

Case study discussion The following case studies will provide an introduction to applying the principles of nutritional management to the care of at-risk elderly patients.

For adults, body weight and height are used to evaluate overall nutritional status and to classify individuals as at healthy or non-healthy weights. Generally speaking, achieving an optimal balance of food intake, nutritional status, and healthy body weight is a particular challenge for health practitioners Sullivan et alparticularly when treating patients with extremely high or low BMI measurements.

Sometimes it is necessary to refer the patient for a modified barium swallow to further assess their risk for aspiration. The first priority for the nurses is to let Mr. Cochrane Database Syst Rev. Diabetes can be a major issue during her hospital stay.

Calculate the average daily intake of the selected nutrients and record them in Table 3.Nutrition is an important determinant of health in elderly patients. Over the past decade, the importance of nutritional status has been increasingly recognized in a variety of morbid conditions including cancer, heart disease, and dementia in persons over the age of 65 (Basran and Hogan Essay about Nutrition Writing Style - Food is a universal need similar to writing.

Writing is one of the best means of communication and without it we would not thrive as a society. A consequence of poverty is a low socioeconomic status that leads to being exposed to poor nutrition.

Since food and dietary choices are influenced by income, poverty and nutrition go hand in hand. There are many important factors that threaten the nutritional status of poor people. Nutritional Assessment of Children Enrolled in a Structured Childcare Setting Food and Nutritional Sciences Dr.

Amanda Branscombe, PhD, May, to provide a nutritional status profile of children who attend the Child and Family Study Center at UW-Stout. This cross-sectional study, descriptive in nature, involved children between.

As a result, a nutritional support should be given to patients with identified nutritional deficiency and any support be based on nutritional assessment using a recognized tool, general health status, patient preference or expert dietician (Ulrika Soderhamn, ).

A documented relationship between BMI and well being would support and emphasize the importance of assessment of nutritional status in older people, facilitate the assessment of well being by using a well known and simple measurement and suggest a potentially modifiable factor .

The nutritional status essay
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