Sickle cell anemia a fictional reconstruction case study answers

Rank the cells from each solution in terms of their volume starting with the largest cells to the smallest cells. This case is consistent with a urinary tract infection, indicated by her symptoms of urinary frequency, and burning with urination dysuria.

This change, from a negatively charged amino acid side chain glutamate to a hydrophobic side chain valineallows deoxygenated hemoglobin to polymerize and form long rods within the red blood cell figure He then placed 4 ml of each solution into a different test tube.

All of the discoveries mentioned in Section 1 were made by the individuals they are attributed to, as were the observations made by Dr.

This process represents the basic mechanisms leading to haemolytic anaemia and to vaso-occlusive events in the microcirculation.

Hope you're as excited about these results as we are. It appears to have a number of interesting structural properties. Consider what would happen to the concentration of different molecules.

Sitting in his reclining chair he sorted through the large pile that had accumulated. University Press of Mississippi, Irving Sherman, the postdoc who was supervising his work, had overheard the conversation. Peter Belles is a new intern at St.

The sickle shape is more pronounced when the hemoglobin is in the R state, which would be more likely at the bottom of the tube due to lower oxygen availability. Actually, that may be a good thing. Electron micrograph by Patricia N. Browse hundreds of Biology tutors.

Since it was from someone he had never heard of, he was inclined to place it in the pile to be opened later. He then measured how much time elapsed before the cells at the bottom of the tube started to sickle.

How would shaking the tube alter the environment of the tube? I'm heading to the same meeting to present some of my recent data on hemoglobin. List all the possible benefits and limitations imposed on these cells by not having a nucleus.

He recognized that these results indicated it was likely that there was a difference in one or more molecules found either in the blood or within the red blood cells.

Understanding Sickle Cell Disease. Furthermore, the cells were lysed, run on a non-denaturing ie. If this shape change is reversible, then maybe we have a better hope of finding an effective treatment.

After analyzing that fragment, he determined that the only difference between normal and sickle-cell hemoglobin is the amount of glutamic acid and valine residues.

The type of electrophoresis we performed separated the proteins based on their overall electrical charge. Is there any indication that there is a difference in the hemoglobin? HbS can only bind 1 oxygen per Hb molecule so more oxygen is required to allow for effective transport to the rest of the body.

There were a few that caused him to pause for a moment, such as the one he was currently holding. The lab technician was seeing things, there were no differences in the cells at the bottom of the tube. HbS has a lower affinity for oxygen so more oxygen is required to get HbS fully saturated with oxygen.

Determine the tonicity of each of the solutions tested. Carbon monoxide poisoning B.

The patient is complaining of severe joint pain and Peter's diagnosis is that he is suffering from a vaso-occlusion episode.NATIONAL CENTER FOR CASE STUDY TEACHING IN SCIENCE “Sickle Cell Anemia” by Debra Stamper Page 5 Eagerly Dr.

Castle reached for his lab notebook and quickly looked to see which samples came from the individuals with sickle cell anemia.

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“Jim, come and look at these results Linus Pauling just sent to me,” he called to his research assistant. Page 1 NATIONAL CENTER FOR CASE STUDY TEACHING IN SCIENCE Case Teaching Notes for “Sickle Cell Anemia” by Debra Stamper INTRODUCTION / BACKGROUND Th is case was designed to be implemented in the fi rst.

Sickle Cell Anemia: genetic disease with severe symptoms, including pain and anemia. The disease is caused by a mutated version of the gene that helps make … Genetic Disorders in Humans - Buzzle.

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Case Study Section 1 – Hemoglobin Based on “Hemoglobin, the Oxygen Carrier” Fundamentals of Biochemistry and “Sickle Cell Anemia: A Fictional Reconstruction” by Debra Stamper (National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science) The Patient: A year old black male child named Michael Jones was admitted to the hospital because he was experiencing severe chest pain.

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Sickle cell anemia a fictional reconstruction case study answers
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