Comparing school districts essay

Some states may report on other subjects. You may attach maps and create tables to add to the report. Sincestates must also test students in science at least once in elementary, middle, and high school.

Comparing School District Alief

For elementary schools, it must incorporate at least one academic indicator specified by the state other than tests. States also receive points towards a grant award under a criterion called "improving teacher and principal effectiveness based on performance.

For example, if you want to look at districts with an enrollment of less thanyou can click on the filter icon for enrollment and type in the number range you want in the boxes provided: How many students attend public schools statewide?

Comparing Public and Private School Education

Write a paragraph comparing the strength of district personnel with statewide averages using data found in the database. Though the law requires performance data to be disaggregated for particular groups, it does not require a school to use the individual students' progress to determine whether a school or district is improving student achievement.

Phase 1 applications were due January 19, and awards were issued on March 29, If you want the sort to go from high to low, click the sort icon again and it will change to show the sorting is now from high to low, as in. Assume that you are a parent considering purchasing a home in the district.

Private schools and public schools are the same in many ways but they are also different.

Comparing School Districts Essay

There are two good ways to use data in a report. Explain it to the reader. How many students attend the district?

Historical View

Point out critical differences and similarities. Now, do the same calculation using statewide data.

How does your school compare to other schools within the state?

Achievement standards must be aligned with state content standards and have three levels of achievement — basic, proficient, and advanced. It is important to know the difference and similarities between private schools and public schools when choosing one of these schools.

Content standards must 1 specify what children are expected to know and be able to do, 2 have rigorous and coherent content, and 3 encourage teaching of advanced skills.

States must ensure that, by the end of the school year, all students in the state and in each of the four subgroups meet or exceed the proficient level on the state tests. Write a paragraph comparing the strength of district personnel with statewide averages using data found in the database.

It appears that the RTTT competition will, in turn, change the NCLB because its requirements are likely to be incorporated into a new version of that law when it is reauthorized by Congress.

It sets standards for tests but does not measure states against one another on either standards or student achievement. Each state administers its own exam and sets its own standard for proficiency. Suppose the website indicates that a school district has 9, students.

There are public schools and private schools. Private schools take no public funding.The GRC score indicates the level of math or reading achievement by the average student in a public school district compared to student achievement in a set of 25 developed countries.

1. Where is the district located? (5 pts.) Alief Independent School District (ISD) is located in Houston Texas, between Sugar Land, Bellaire, and Katy. The topic for my achievement GAP project will be comparing 2 school districts students interms of their socio economic status.

It is very obvious that students from high economic groups perform better than low socio economic groups (as their parents average income is below national average income). Get Started! Beaumont ISD Order Description Comparing School Districts GOVT Research Project Professor Tannahill School District Assigned: Beaumont ISD Text Reference: Texas Politics Today, pp.

Your assignment is to research the profile and performance of the independent school district assigned to you and to answer the questions below. By comparing the ratio we can conclude that the dropout rate is slightly higher statewide than in the Alief District. Which is the opposite from what the Texas Tribune data shows; it shows in fact that the dropout rate between high-school freshmen and high-school seniors is in Alief ISD while it.

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Comparing school districts essay
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