An introduction to the issue of gang activity and youth violence

He found that earlier versions of this type of program actually led to increased gang crime as a result of detached workers inadvertently enhancing, as opposed to breaking, gang cohesion.

On a highly individualized basis, treatment goals are developed in collaboration with the family, and family strengths are used as levers for therapeutic change. The initiative helps to connect participants with school, work and counseling while ensuring that they abide by their probation conditions.

Now they are often innocent bystanders killed or injured by stray bullets. Fighting back against harassment of white residents and visiting soldiers during the so-called zoot suit riots in strengthened their cause.

Core Components of the Project Briefly, the Ceasefire intervention had two strategic components: Since nobody can completely turn off their minds, kids must be learning something while watching the TV.

Nonetheless, an assessment of the American experience is extremely useful to understanding and informing the work that needs to be carried out here in Canada. Gangs and Delinquency in Developmental Perspective. Some gangs had no noticeable cultural, ethnic or national ties and consisted mostly of whites.

Gang members used guns, knives, and homemade weapons. It is a community-based, highly-individualized system of care which serves children and youth with serious emotional, behavioural and mental health needs, and their families. Criminal Justice Assessment Toolkit.

National Youth Gang Survey Analysis

Responses to Youth Gangs: When it is apparent that someone must be arrested for a crime, often the gang chooses a minor because his prison sentence will be shorter.

It was found that a unique program effect was associated with the intervention Braga, Kennedy, Waring, and Piehl, Wraparound Milwaukee Overview Wraparound Milwaukee is one of many examples of the wraparound approach Footnote 9.

Lastly, there were both political pressures e.

Issues/Gang Violence term paper 5348

Wraparound Milwaukee Annual Report. Finally, the picture created by the middle school girl, I believe uses ethos, pathos, and logos. This, coupled with the availability of drugs, including alcohol, leads to much of the impulsive violence that occurs.

Introduction to Gangs

Definitional Issues and Challenges The present document focuses mainly on substantive and practice-oriented, rather than methodological and theoretical, issues. If Wraparound Milwaukee determines that enrolment is appropriate, the youths are court-ordered through the dispositional process or delinquency orders.

The benefits of planning are numerous. The parents do not know what their children are doing for two reasons: Increased Support — Probation officers and community workers share the responsibility for connecting participants, and their families, with a collection of support services related to, for example, school, housing, employment, health care, and substance abuse treatment.

These include the forces of the media, the government, theatre, drugs and our economic system. They are involved in two or more service systems including mental health, child welfare, or juvenile justice.Gangs are obviously not a new phenomenon, but they are still a problem that has to be addressed.

Criminal street gangs have become one of the most serious crime problems in California.

Custom How to Prevent Gang Violence in Communities Essay

Gang violence--particularly assaults, drive-by shootings, homicides, and brutal home-invasion robberies-. Gang violence in communities is a complex social issue that affects every member of the community.

Addressing Youth Gang Problems: An Overview of Programs and Practices

Gang violence usually leads to social insecurity. a general understanding of youth gangs combined with a thorough knowledge of youth gang problems and related issues at the local level; an understanding of how a variety of risk (and protective) factors relate to the early onset and persistence of local gang problems and youth violence; and.

Except for gangs that specialize in violence, such as small Chicago Latino gangs (Block et al., ), violence is a rare occurrence in proportion to all gang activities (Maxson, ; Miller, ; Strodtbeck and Short, ).

Nov 01,  · There is no one-size-fits-all approach to preventing youth violence. However, communities can help reduce youth violence by developing a city-wide strategy that combines prevention, intervention, treatment, and re-entry strategies. The National Forum on Youth Violence Prevention is working with communities to design these.

Youth & Gang Violence. Youth & Gang Violence Jacqueline Smith Jackson State University Youth & Gang Violence Definition of Problem As an African American,I often wondered why people were in gangs and what made them want to involve themselves in violent activity.

An introduction to the issue of gang activity and youth violence
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